How to use

Mix resin and hardener in given ratio.

leave for 2 min for auto bubble release.

Then pour on your selected medium


Application temperature: Apply only in temperatures between 25-35 °c.

Mixing ratio by Weight : 2 Part Resin to 1 Part Hardener.

Flood coat application(s): Pour on and spread with an epoxy Flood coats should be no
thicker than 25 mm.

Pot time: 45 minutes @ 28°c

Gel time: 60 minutes @ 28°c

Hard to touch : 5 hours @28°c

Cure time: 24 to 72 hours @ 28°c

Product Color: Epoxy Resin (clear), Hardener (clear)

Cured Color: Clear

AartyZaan art epoxy resin is a high gloss crystal clear coat system specifically designed for all your creative projects. Made for artists by epoxy specialists, this formula is chemically engineered to offer the most efficient non-yellowing protection (indoor) on the market, and is non-toxic and safe for home use.