AartyZaan an online portal to deliver art and craft materials. Unlike other companies in the craft industry, AartyZaan provides the best quality products – crystal clear epoxy resin & hardener, opaque pigments and metallic.

We’ve a range of colours for opaque pigments and metallic – you name it, and we will provide.

AartyZaan is guaranteed to give you the best quality at an affordable rate. Try us!

Why choose AartyZaan






Easy to obtain beautiful, glossy results whether you’re a professional or it’s your first
time using epoxy.

Low viscosity epoxy resin coating cures at room temperature.

Cures without bubbling.

Cures to 100% waterproof, clear, deep glass-like finish on Bar, Table, Counter Tops, Jewelry & Craft, Lamination, Art and Casting.

Resists Scratches, Stains, and Yellowing.

No fumes and odorless.